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A Month Full of Fun!

If you thought last month was great, just wait until you hear about the deals Kootenai River Inn and Casino has to offer this month! June is going to be big!  Our weekend super spins have grown to be downright fantastic. You could spin and win up to $25,000 in cash!  Qualify and earn one entry for every […]

Our midweek spin could make you $5,000 richer!

We’ve all been told that hard work is the only way to earn money… But what if we told you that you could earn up to $5,000 in cash, just by having fun at your favorite Idaho casino? That’s right! We’re practically giving cash away this month! Every Monday through Thursday in May, five lucky names […]

Using your player card could win big this month!

Summer is just around the corner, and here at Kootenai River Casino, we can feel the excitement in the air! What better way to prepare for that summer vacation than to come into the gaming floor in Bonners Ferry for your chance to win big! All through the month of May, we’re pulling out all […]

3D games are a big hit at Kootenai River Casino

We made a promise to our players that we’ll continually update our gaming floors, so you’ll always have something new and exciting to look forward to whenever you visit Kootenai River Casino and Spa. And this month, we’re excited to announce the addition of new 3D casino games to our gambling floor! Over the past […]

April is the month for big wins at Kootenai River Casino and Spa

At Kootenai River Casino, we’re constantly looking for the new big thing- biggest wins, biggest games, and whatever is going to be the most fun. So this April, we’re going big! If you’re looking to beat the gloomy spring blues, and get out of the April showers, come on in to our gaming floor and check out […]

New 3D gaming machine

Are you looking for something unique and entertaining? Something new and exciting? At Kootenai River Casino and Spa, our goal is to constantly be updating our gaming experience, so you have something fresh to look forward to each time you visit. And this month, we’re excited to announce the addition of new 3D casino games […]

20th Anniversary and $20,000 cash giveaway

After two decades of winnings, fun and surprises, the Kootenai River Casino and Spa is turning 20 years old! Can you believe it? We’re having trouble believing that it’s been two decades of great food, good friends and fun gambling games at our favorite north Idaho spot. We’ve been so thrilled to be able to provide […]

Kootenai River Inn Casino is your best bet for great deals!

Don’t let the winter doldrums get you down! We know this time of year can feel constricting in Idaho, with snow too slushy for skiing and not enough sun for playing outside. Instead of feeling captive in your home, venture out to Kootenai River Inn Casino and Spa, where we have great deals and games, sure to […]

With gas prices dipping low, now is the best time for traveling

Almost every American driver has a little more money in their pockets thanks to plummeting oil prices. Oil prices fell to the lowest level in more than five years this past month, and gasoline is cheaper in the U.S. than it has been since 2010, with prices of less than $2 a gallon a common […]

From dawn til dusk, The Springs will satisfy your cravings

Ring in the New Year with a feast this January. At The Springs Restaurant and Lounge at Kootenai River Inn, we’re kicking off 2015 with a plethora of meals and specials that are sure to have your mouth watering by the time we’re through. You may know us as one of the best places to […]